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Our primary objectives are to: Educate children and youth about the importance of respect, honor, courtesy, value and manners via martial arts; spread the acceptance of cultural diversity through international cultural exchange projects; create lecture and presentation programs to inspire youth to pursue what the program subject matters are speaking about (for example, "Pursue One's Dreams"); provide donations for underprivileged individuals and families; help victims of devastating natural disasters; and raise global environment and animal issues awareness. SKF's programs are managed by four designated agencies: Agency for Sports Culture & Arts; Agency for Donations & Grants; Agency for Education; and Agency for Nature."

Agency for Sports, Culture & Arts (ASCA)

ASCA implements programs to educate and inspire youth to participate in physical activities in a team environment to promote the importance of sportsmanship. Through sports, one can be healthier, get in shape and develop better social skills. Cultural and arts events can help individuals foster a better understanding of multiculturalism and develop a deeper respect for each others' differences. One of ASCA's main programs is the United States Martial Arts Festival, which is a charitable martial arts performance event that brings fans and different styles of martial artists from around the world together in an effort to support and promote respect among the various international communities and their arts, cultures and sports. Learn more »

Agency for Donations & Grants (ADG)

ADG focuses on carrying out projects such as the 1000 Ways To Give, Disaster Relief Funds and the Martial Arts Scholarship programs, which worldwide helps to put resources into the hands of the underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families who desperately need them. For examples, distribute food to the homeless, contribute money and necessary supplies to victims affected by natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, and provide youth between the ages of 12 and 24, martial arts scholarships so they can pursue marital arts as a means to cultivate self-discipline, improve their health, and learn respect, honor and courtesy. Learn more »

Agency for Education (AE)

AE creates lecture events where talented speakers can stimulate and inspire youth to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world. AE will also provide skill training for underprivileged individuals and folks living in disadvantaged areas so they can empower themselves to improve their own living standards and contribute to their communities. Learn more »

Agency for Nature (AN)

AN administers programs where today's youth can raise awareness on how they can become positive forces of change in society. By helping young people reevaluate the balance between nature and civilization, they can prepare themselves for a future where harmony between technology and nature is of paramount importance. Learn more »


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