Empowering Girls and Women

Women Empowerment Committee is responsible of overseeing all projects in related to empowering girls and women.


What is necessary to build a society where the next generation of women can shine even more?

In the global society, it is widely known by many women recognize that women are not treated equally than men. In order to support girls and women who are already active and want to be active in society with dreams and goals, it is essential to improve the systems of gender equality in both private and public sectors as well as the social stereotyping ideas in many countries that men work while women stay home as housewives and look after children. Why not opposite?

In the first place, men and women are born physiologically differently. Generally speaking, the personalities and the way of thinking of men and women are fundamentally different. With a fundamental understanding of the difference in men and women, there is a need to implement gender-equal society where both men and women can freely engage in housework, parenting and work without social prejudice.

In order for women to be able to demonstrate leadership equally in all fields, it is necessary to face various challenges. In order for a woman to follow her dream and play an active role in society, it is even more necessary to create an equal society and empower women so that they can start a company and fully demonstrate their leadership while doing housework and raising children.

Our Projects

To promote on women's empowerment and leadership, gender equality of SDGs and the importance of higher education, we have been collaborating with national and local governments, international NGOs and NPO, educational institutions and others related to implement a series of lectures and networking events targeting girls and women in different regions of Japan

To expand the wide scope of women leadership network nationwide and solve critical women issues we are facing today in Japan, we are not only organizing our own women related activities, but also participating as speakers to international women's events hosted by other international organizations, nonprofits and governments to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Some of our past activities

Within Japan, we have partnered with local governments and board of educations to execute lecture events targeting from young high school students to senior women in various regions of Japan in the past. For overseas, we have teamed up with KIF USA to participate United Nations hosted women related events at the UN Headquarters in New York.

United Nations New York

Local governments