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Message From Nia Lyte


One of my dreams was to be the founder of a non-profit organization one day to help people, children, animals, the environment and contribute in a positive way to the world.

My parents taught me through example to give back to the community. As a child, I will visit hospitals and help my parents donate medical equipment for babies who did not stand a chance because did not had an incubator to survive or a wheelchair.

Today that dream has come true thanks to our wonderful team at The Shin Koyamada Foundation and all the hard work and volunteering hours developing and implementing our programs. Giving is important because we can impact the life of so many people and encourage them to continue to live and dream.

I have always believed that when we have a dream it works best when we join forces together and we make it come true, one person alone cannot change the world but a team of people with the same vision and generous heart can! The path of my life has been filled with deep experiences and opportunities to contribute to humanity.

At a personal level it is not so important how much we give to a cause but the intention we have in our minds and heart when we give. For example if one person gives one grain of rice with the intention of helping many people wishing them happiness, peace and healing it can change that person's life. There is many ways you can help and give to people, you can give your time, knowledge, experience, creativity, contacts, funds, love, attention but everyone has something to give.

We were giving clothes to the homeless in winter and I saw an older lady and asked her: What do you need? A blanket? She replied: I need a hug no one has touched me for 10 years…My heart stopped and I hugged her with all my love. She had not taken a shower for over 3 months but all she needed was love and a kind heart. We have travel all over inspiring kids and empowering them to live their dream and spread multicultural awareness creating peace between cultures.

Today we can help more people but we need your help because we cannot do it alone. I invite you to join our international family and be part of giving back to the world! We are all one, no matter what color we are, language we speak, gender, denomination or belief we are all united through one invisible cord of peace and love across the world.


Nia Lyte

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