To support victims affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake from the Japanese side, KIF Japan was initially founded in Tokyo as an official affiliated member of KIF, with its global headquarters in Los Angeles.

Since then, in order to cultivate global leaders, we have organized a series of lectures by high-profile Japanese and foreign speakers before tens of thousands of students mainly in high school and undergraduate students throughout Japan.

In addition, in order to support regional revitalization and internationalization bridging the local communities of Japanese people and foreigners residing in Japan, we have cooperated with embassies and consulates in Japan to organize economic, cultural and educational bilateral networking night event.

At the event, the foreign diplomats such as ambassadors and consul generals were pleased to presenting their missions in Japan to the attendees while the attendees had privileges to meet them in person and opportunities in business networking and exploring cultural experience with wonderful foods, drinks and entertainment presented by local Japanese people and embassies & consulates.

In the events of natural disasters in Japan, we have collaborated with our partner organizations in Japan and KIF global headquarters to share the local news of the affected areas to the world and provide supports to victims with relief goods, items and funds.

To outreach and serve every community throughout Japan, we need all Japanese people and foreigners living in Japan who care about their communities and are willing to jump on board with us!

Please join our memberships to unite and improve our communities together!

EVERYONE is welcomed!

KIF Japan Membership Committee

Those in age between 18 to 80;

Those who is capable to pay annual membership fee and registration fee;

Those who can agree our mission, causes, bylaws, rules;

Those who can respect all people in race, religions, ethnics, ages;

Those who are legal residents;

 Those who have no relationship or involvement with anti-social forces; and

Those who have no criminal backgrounds.

Please fill out as much as information as possible. All information provided will be submitted to our membership committee.

Based on the resident address provided by you, we will assign you to the appropriate regional committee in your region.

A committee member from a designated regional committee (ex. Kansai regional committee) will email you to get in touch with you. If there are any questions or additional information needed, you or the committee member could ask them.

After everything is good and approved by the committee, you will pay the annual membership fee and one-time initial registration fee to become an official member of KIF Japan.

After payments are completed, the committee will send you a welcoming letter! You are good to go!