Fostering Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Committee is responsible of overseeing all projects in related to fostering youth leadership.


There are so many Japanese youth who don't have clear goals or dreams or have enough resources or options to decide on what they want to pursue and become in the future.

If they are given more opportunities to hear and meet more people with different career and life background in person through lecture events at their schools, it may impact their lives to find out what they want to be and do in their lives. It may not be an instant impact or interesting enough for them at the moment, but could be a trigger in memory later on in the lives to remember what they heard and met and motivate themselves to take a new important step in their lives.

In Japan's society, a role model is such an important figure for youth to follow their steps, rather than creating their own footsteps and new way of lives that no one has ever done before. Sometimes, this could be an obstacle for Japanese youth to pursue their own dreams or goals because they may not have their own role models or find anyone who has done similar life and career experience like them.

Not having a role model could trigger a disagreement with their parents, teachers and friends, which could lead to discouragements not to pursue their ambitious dreams and goals in their lives anymore. Through our lecture events in many different high schools and universities everywhere in all regions of Japan, we make sure to provide inspirational Japanese and foreign speakers with a variety of career backgrounds to share their challenges and success stories with them to possible become their role models or motivations!

Our Projects

We implement series of lectures, talk show and panel discussion events targeting mainly on high school and undergrad university students to inspire them to pursue their dreams and foster youth leadership.

We have directly impacted tens of thousands of Japanese youth with our global speakers sharing them their priceless real life and career experience with some of their important advice and messages, in partnerships with national and private universities, board of educations, embassies & consulates, nonprofit organizations and corporations.

Some of our past speakers include Hollywood super celebrities, ambassadors & consul generals, conglomerate CEO, Presidents and senior executives, TED Talk Speaker and others.

We believe that it is much more impactful, inspirational and meaningful for youth to have an opportunity to hear real voices directly from our global speakers themselves in person and exchange dialogues with them so the voices may help empower them to go a little further to reach their fullest potential.

Our past events

In partnerships with many high schools and universities in the past, we have executed many wonderful lecture events with unique and inspirational Japanese and foreign speakers with international backgrounds from private and public sectors and impacted tens of thousands of Japanese youth throughout Japan!

At national and private universities

At junior and high schools